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Jake of all trades... Master of none... but I'm working on it!


I was born on an old estate in North London, back bedroom to be exact!! Very close to Highgate Cemetery, which is probably where i get my love of vampires! lol
Went to the local school with my sister, who is a year older than me. Had a wicked hippy mother, who I love dearly, and who is still alive an kicking an now into Rock music (not that she had much choice with two punk daughters!!) lol. I had my kids early, (well I do like to be different!), so ended up leaving school at 15. Yes I was a teenage mum, but I hated school anyway as I was artistic and there wasn’t much call for artists! (still isn’t!).
Anyway, I tried going to college where I discovered I was dyslexic, but they couldn’t offer me any help, so yet again I dropped out, but not until I’d got a city and guilds in numeracy!! I also studied Music and performing arts, as I loved it, but didn’t get the certificate thanks to my dyslexia and a nasty teacher!! (But that’s another story!)
When I had my youngest son (nearly 13 years ago), I thought I’d try for the Open University, not thinking I’d get anywhere, and they re-tested me for dyslexia and gave me the help I needed. There, amongst my few personal problems (including a major op) I managed to gain a certificate in Natural Sciences, a certificate in Contemporary Sciences and ¾ of a degree in planetary science….. So I did have brains after all.
Well, after a while the maths began to get to me, so thought I’d take a break for a while.
During that break my love of music helped me discover a unique band and I joined their forum. Whilst there I started writing fan fictions, but only sending them to my closest friends on there, they then asked if they could send them to others as they loved them, and in the end I was getting requests to write more…… This has lead me to write my first book, Masquerade, which is now available at Lulu.com.
A huge Thank You to Marcus Lyndale for helping me with editing and proof reading, and generally giving me encouragement to publish it! And to Val Green.. who without jumping off a few wardrobes I'd never got the idea to write in the first place!
And a special thank you to Kay Bell, who sadly passed away before the book was finished. Masquerade is dedicated to her for keeping me going and nagging for new stories when ever i hit a slump in writing. I wish she were here today, she'd be kicking my butt to get on with the other three I have in mind!... We miss you Kay xxx

My second book is in the writing and has gone through a few title changes, but once I figure out what it's called, I'll post it in my blog... eventually! lol… It is taking a while to write due to family commitments and becoming a first time granny (yes I am too young for this… but that’s the price you pay for having kids young!! ROFL) But also because I'm trying to concentrate on getting Masquerade out there!
Well, that's about it for me! For any more info about me.... JUST ASK!!... I don't bite.... Often!!! LOL

Thanks to everyone for your continuing support.
Best wishes
Tammy aka Ani's Antix

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